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Press release 1: 13-12-2022: EKFI PLUS-project, 

Innovation through cooperation.

The EKFI PLUS-project has started with a first kick off conference in the beginning of December 2022 in Deventer, The Netherlands.

The aim of the EKFI project is to create an Exchange platform, to facilitate innovative learning/research material, to map the competence (user) needs and match these with existing learning/research module(s) on the web based platform. The Exchange platform can be applied for the project target groups: VET and HE institutes, SMEs, sector organizations, others in the Cultural & Creative Industries (CCI).


The CCI is evolving further with structural changes. The subsectors: media, visual communication, print & publishing, arts, design, advertising, gaming, film/photography, internet and (up to a certain degree) packaging, are changing rapidly and the educational material changes accordingly. 

The Exchange platform can be applied for the project target groups: VET and HEs, SMEs, sector organizations, others in the CCI. It will operate as a set of ICT-applications (IO’s): a database of existing learning/research material (from various sources) will be created by uploading this material to an platform(O1). The uploading will be supported by the Intake application(O2) where the learning/research material will be described and meet educational standards/formats in order to pass the entrance requirements. The Search robot(O4) makes it possible for the user to map the competence needs and match the needs with learning/research module(s). The download of the material uses the Barter system purchase application(O3). It is a system of exchange where goods are directly exchanged for other goods without using money, as a medium of exchange.


Partners in the project

1. Stivako, The Netherlands, industry based training service provider on middle management, strategy and marketing: coordinator of development result and project activities, development of contents of e-tool, development of learning materials and the implementation in industry, company relations; Stivako is also coordinator of this project. 

2. Artevelde Hogeschool, Belgium, VET education higher level; development of learning materials, profiles development, validation and assessment;

3. University West Atikka is an independent and self-governed tertiary education institute. The UWA's key partners in the project provide distance education at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

4. Tallinn Polytechnic School  is one of the oldest vocational schools in Estonia with three big departments: Energetics and automatics department; Info technology department and a Media department.

5. Muldis is an ICT-company and consultancy firm with a large experience in developing platforms and ICT tools, games, applications on national and EU-level. Muldis develops since 20 years software for the social partners in print media and creative industry.

6. Fundació Privada Indústries Gràfiques - Escola Antoni Algueró, Spain, a well based industrial VET school in Barcelona with close ties with the Catalonian Employers’ federation: development of the E-tool, validation of the developed materials and assessment.

More information?

Visit the project website:

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