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On this page you can follow the ongoing process and all the presentations are published here.

Fourth partner meeting in Barcelona 30 and 31 of January 2024

The activities of the fourth meeting:

  • Evaluation Educational model WPO2.

  • Presentation of the concept platform e-tools WP3 on the existing EKFI-platform.

  • Discussion on the concept Learning material WP4 and WP5 

  • Preparing Teachers/developers meeting.

  • Dissemination and involving stakeholders.

  • Other tasks in the project.



Final report Inventory 

Evaluation Educational model WP1

Status WP4 Mixed reality

Status WP5 Circular economy


Second Developers/teachers  meeting in Barcelona 1 & 2 February

The activities of the second meeting:

  • Evaluating and adjusting the developed learning material on Mixed Reality (WP4) and Circular Economy (WP5)

  • Preparing translation and testing

  • Introduction on the EKFI-platform

  • Introduction in the developers module in concept

  • Testing the developers module

Partnermeeting and Developers/teachersmeeting in Barcelona: Just a few loose ends we need to tie up!

Both conferences took place at the end of January and the beginning of February. In the Partner Meeting we mainly looked at the prototype of the E-tools and discussed the research in the context of the Educational model. The concept learning material for Circular Economy and Mixed Reality were also discussed.
The Developers/teachers meeting was entirely focused on the developed learning resources. The latest additions and changes were discussed and implemented. A second introduction to the EKFI platform was also provided and the evaluation was discussed and prepared by the teachers.


Also become a participant of the EKFI platform. It is free. You will then have access to many different learning resources at VET and HE level aimed at the communications and graphic media industry. More information? Visit to register and this website to find more information about the project and platform.

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