On this page you can follow the ongoing process and all the presentations are published here.

Fourth meeting in Deventer, The Netherlands 20 and 21 of February 2020

The activities of the fourth meeting:

  • Report on the status of the copyright issues due to new EU legeslation.

  • Present and finalize the evaluation module to evaluate learning material.

  • Presentation of the prototype and the applications of the EKFI-platform.

  • Presentation of the testing of the meta-data of the learning material of the partners as a part of the intake module and finalize the aspects of the built application.

  • Presentation and discussion on the final proposal of the Barter module.

  • Dissemination and other tasks in the project.  



Assessment form (HOU Greece)

Barter-system def proposal (Artevelde Belgium)

Business canvas EKFI-project first version (Rense van der Heide/Stivako)

Metadata final document (HOU Greece)

The projectpartner will create the meta-data of the courses they will upload. In July they will start to upload learning material. In the meantime they will evaluate the material with the module the HOU has developed.

In the coming period, till the Oktober meeting in Barcelona, the team will contact educational partners to disseminate the project and ask them to upload material. The upload function will be available in July 2020.

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