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Third meeting in Ghent, Belgium 3rd and 4th of Oktober 2019, Expertmeeting on the 3rd of  Oktober (afternoon)

The activities of the third meeting:

  • Presentation of Spain  of the definite report on the results of the research.

  • Presentation of the prototype and disussion on final aspects of the EKFI-platform.

  • Finalizing the technical aspects of the intake module.

  • Evaluation expert meeting day.

  • Introduction of the educational and technical aspects of the Barter module.

  • Dissemination and other tasks in the project.



Intake module (HOU-Greece)

Management of user and organisation (Muldis-The Netherlands)

The Expertmeeting:

We have started with a presentation of the EKFI project:  

Presentation:  The Barter module


In the afternoon: discussion and conclusions                                                              


After the expertmeeting the partners visited  the mediatheque at the Atrevelde campus, where DigiEduHack (Hacketon - Co-create the future of education together with us!) was taking place.


Program and info at:


During the Hackaton an inspirational session was presented by Karen Triquet.


She is passionate about learning: Educational innovation, literacies, leveraging digital and data. She will give you lots of ideas to take into account!

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