On this page you can follow the ongoing process and all the presentations are published here.

Second meeting Athens, Greece, 15th and 17th of May 2019, Expertmeeting on the 16th of  May

The activities of the second meeting:

  • Presentation per partner of the results of the research and Spain will give an overall presentation.

  • Presentation on the educational & technical aspects of the EKFI-platform.

  • Presentation on the educational and technical aspects of the intake module.

  • Evaluation expert meeting day.

  • Barter module and other tasks in the project.


Presentations research per country:

Presentations on the application to develop:

The Expertmeeting:

We have started with a presentation of the EKFI project:  Frank den Hartog, Coordinator, STIVAKO, The Netherlands

Short presentation country study – mapping the user needs for the platform: Joan Creus, Fundació Privada Indústries Gràfiques - Escola Antoni Algueró, Catalonia-Spain

Presentation:  The Intake module: presentation on two aspects: educational by Evangelos Syrigos, HELGRAMED and technical by Gerasimos Vonitsanos, HOU. 


In the afternoon: discussion and conclusions                                                                  

Presentations Expert meeting:


foto expertmeeting 5 19.jpg