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In the EKFI PLUS-project we will develop four results in the workpackages, namely:

O2Educational model

for teachers to work in an efficient way and with the latest didactic insights in

developing learning material in an (international) team.

O3. Software as a new part of EKFI-platform (E- tools)

supporting search for pears and defining the request, developing learning material using the results of output 1, project management and social interaction between the participants in the development group.

O4.  New technical/digital learning material:  Mixed reality in Print, Sign media and Packaging media, 

supported by the output of 1 and 2.
Mixed reality (MR) in print and sign media offers an innovative and engaging way to communicate information and messages to a wider audience. By using MR, print and sign media can become more interactive, dynamic, and memorable. This technology can create a more immersive experience for the viewer, allowing them to interact with information in a way that is not possible with traditional print media. MR in print and sign media can also provide a new platform for advertisers and marketers to reach their target audience, creating more engaging and effective marketing campaigns. Overall, MR in print and sign media offers a new way to communicate information and messages, making it an exciting and valuable tool for a variety of industries.

O5. New entrepreneurial/management learning material on Circular economy in creative industry 

supported by the output of 1 and 2.
The development of the learning material is in line with the need of schools for these educational materials. The
development process is used to test, evaluate and improve the developed outputs before the completion of the project.
These results are linked with the priorities because this project enables VET and HE teachers, developers and others to find
and involve like-minded peers with the appropriate competences in a development process to develop common learning
resources that can respond to developments that require innovation and development of new or ask for changed


O1– Management

In this part of the project we will guide the project. Activities: visiting partnermeetings; administration and finance; dissemination, communication with the target groups and creating impact; quality management etc.

Communication and dissemination


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