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EKFI PLUS at PRINTmatters vakdag

EKFI will be present at the PRINTmatters Vakdag, the netwerkevent focussed on professionals from the print and media industry.  The event is on the 12th of Oktober in Barneveld in The Netherlands.

EKFI PLUS at EGIN Conference in November 2023

EKFI will give an interactive presentation on the EKFI PLUS project and the EKFI exchange platform at the annual conference of EGIN, 2nd and 3rd of November in Barcelona, Spain. Present will be representatives of educational institutes, social partners, consultants and others from the EU countries. 

EKFI PLUS at FESPA 7th Southern European Print Congress 2023

The congress will be organized on the 14-15 of September by FESPA Hellas, FESPA Italia, FESPA France, FESPA Spain, Apigraf (Portugal).

EKFI PLUS at Conference International Circle

EKFI is present at the 54th International Conference 18th-20th of September 2023 in Wuppertal of the International Circle of Educational Institutes of Graphic-Media Technology & Management.  

Mr Vonitsanos from Greece gave a presentation and Prof. Politis provided an introduction to the EKFI PLUS project.

EKFI at SIGN & Print Festival

The EKFI PLUS-partner Stivako will be present at the SIGN & Print EXPO on the 14th and 16th of March in Gorinchem in The Netherlands. During this fair Stivako will inform the entrepreneurs, teachers, staff and students about the EKFI PLUS-project











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