Extra Skype-meeting (04-06-2021)

Today we had an extra Skype-meeting with our partners. The meeting in Barcelona , planned on the  3rd &4th of June is posponed due to the travel restrictions. 

The Agenda points were:

  • Status development Exchange Platform in total: what is active and which still need development? EKFI.EU

  • Status contacts (per partner) with VET and HE schools regarding available learning material and uploading of the collected material

  • Communication and dissemination

  • Planning coming period (Barcelona September and Tallinn in November).

It was a very usefull meeting to plan the activities in the coming period and make decisions on several aspects.

Meeting in Barcelona is posponed till September 2021!

The planned partnermeeting in Barcelona is posponed to September 2021. 


The agenda of this meeting:

  • Presentation of the finished applications of the EKFI-platform. 

  • The uploading of learning material on the platform of the partners and other institutes.

  • Dissemination and impact activities in the period till September 2021 and the activities in the coming period till November 2021.

  • Preparation of the multiplier event in Thallin on Friday 19 November 2021 in Estonia.  


EKFI present at EGIN-spring meeting of 28/5/21 (30-05-2021)

On 28th of May, the HOU – Hellenic Open University presented, on behalf of Stivako, the Erasmus+ developed ‘EKFI-platform’ for exchanging learning material, during the online EGIN-spring meeting.

We are proud that Stivako was able to present the Erasmus+ developed EKFI-platform for exchanging learning material, during the online EGIN-spring meeting on 28 May ‘21! With thanks to Tasos and Makis From Hellenic Open University who presented the tool. Check the websites: & Participants in the meeting came from Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Denmark, Germany and Holland. EGIN is the network for professionals in the media and creative industry.





















Exchange of Learning material (18-04-2021)
We are approaching the end of the EKFI project. The project closes on December 31 of this year. We have been approaching VET and HE schools for some time to involve them in the project. However, the ongoing Covid-19 crisis means that schools are now fully focused on organizing online classes for their students and/or partially opening their classrooms for oral education. When the crisis subsides, it may become possible to organize live meetings again to introduce the platform and its possibilities to a broader target group.  Are you interested? Then contact us quickly. 

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