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Online Technical workconference, March 2nd 2023

During this meeting we will discuss:

    1.  Agenda and minutes meeting Deventer (December 2022)

    2.  Status of the Inventory Educational model (UNIWA)

    3.  Status of the development Educational model. Development checklist to evaluate the           Educational Model

    4.  Status of the development E-tools platform

    5.  Involvement schools/others before meeting Gent in June 2023

    6.  Dissemination

Kick-off meeting Deventer, The Netherlands, 12th and 13th of December 2022 


The activities:

Presentation and discussion scope project, outcomes, target group and   planning and activities.

  • Workshop: knowledge levelling and defining scope of the project

  • Workshop: knowledge levelling and defining the Educational model

  • Workshop: knowledge levelling and defining ICT-tools Exchange platform

  • Project activities and administration, informing on dissemination and impact of the  EFKI PLUS-project.

First Technical Work Conference Online, Oktober 2022

At this work conference on the 24th of October f the participating partners prepared the Kick Off meeting including the workshops. The kick off Partnermeeting will take place in Schiphol-Rijk on the 3th and 4th of December.


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