Extra SKYPE-meeting Friday the 30st of October

We will discuss the status of the EKFI-project and prepare the actions in the coming period.


Fifth meeting Barcelona, Spain. 11th,12th and 13th of November 2020 is cancelled and will be organized spring 2021.

The activities of the fifth meeting:

  • status of the Exchange platform and Intake application (O1 & O2), Bartermodule (Q3) including demo,

  • Status development searchrobot

  • Testing of learning material on the platform

  • Status contacts with VET and HE schools regarding learning material and syayus of collecting material

  • Communication and dissemination

  • Status on copyright issues

  • Status reports to National agency.


Fourth meeting Deventer, The Netherlands, 20th and 21 of February 2020.

The activities of the fourth meeting:

  • status of the Exchange platform and Intake application (O1 & O2) including demo,

  • discussion on the development of the ICT components of the Barter system 

  • discuss the search for uploadable material in every partner country

  • discuss the tasks in coming period -till- May 20:

  • Communication, dissemination.


Third meeting Ghent, Belgium, 3th and 4th of October 2019, Expertmeeting on the 3th of October (afternoon)

The activities of the third meeting:

  • status of the Exchange Platform and intake application (O1 & O2) including demo,

  • final discussion about the adjustments to be made to the exchange platform and intake application

  • discussion on the preparation of the development of the ICT components of the Barter system – in the next period to develop

  • discuss the search for uploadable material in every partner country

  • finalising the research report (Spain)

  • discuss the tasks in coming period - Oct 19 - May 20:

  • Communication, dissemination.


During the expert meeting:

  • Opening expert meeting / short presentation project (Artevelde)

  • presentation desk research, discuss existing platforms – Barter systems (Artevelde)

  • start focus discussions / ideas (Artevelde) – plenary session

  • round up focus discussion, summary of ideas / remarks

Second meeting Athens, Greece, 15th and 17th of May 2019, Expertmeeting on the 16th of  May

The activities of the second meeting:

  • Presentation per partner of the results of the research and Spain will give an overall presentation.

  • Presentation on the educational & technical aspects of the EKFI-platform.

  • Presentation on the educational and technical aspects of the intake module.

  • Evaluation expert meeting day.

  • Barter module and other tasks in the project.


During the Expertmeeting:

  • Presentation of the EKFI project:  Frank den Hartog, Coordinator, STIVAKO, The Netherlands

  • Short presentation country study – mapping the user needs for the platform: Joan Creus, Fundació Privada Indústries Gràfiques - Escola Antoni Algueró, Catalonia-Spain

  • Presentation:  The Intake module: presentation on two aspects: educational by Evangelos Syrigos, HELGRAMED and technical by Gerasimos Vonitsanos, HOU. 

  • In the afternoon: discussion.



Kick-off meeting Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands, 3th and 4th of December 2018 


The activities:

  • Presentation and discussion scope project, outcomes, target group and   planning and activities

  • Workshop: knowledge levelling and defining scope on the Exchangeplatform and its modules

  • Workshop: knowledge levelling and defining the research in the participating     countries

  • Workshop: knowledge levelling and informing on dissemination and impact of the  EFKI-project

  • Project activities and administration.



First Technical Work Conference Barcelona Oktober 2018

At this work conference on the first of November in Barcelona, Spain, a selection of the participating partners prepared the Kick Off conference including the workshops. The kick off conference will take place in Schiphol-Rijk on the 3th and 4th of December.