Third meeting Ghent, Belgium, 3th and 4th of October 2019, Expertmeeting on the 3th of October (afternoon)

The activities of the third meeting:

  • status of the Exchange Platform and intake application (O1 & O2) including demo,

  • final discussion about the adjustments to be made to the exchange platform and intake application

  • discussion on the preparation of the development of the ICT components of the Barter system – in the next period to develop

  • discuss the search for uploadable material in every partner country

  • finalising the research report (Spain)

  • discuss the tasks in coming period - Oct 19 - May 20:

  • Communication, dissemination.


During the expert meeting:

  • Opening expert meeting / short presentation project (Artevelde)

  • presentation desk research, discuss existing platforms – Barter systems (Artevelde)

  • start focus discussions / ideas (Artevelde) – plenary session

  • round up focus discussion, summary of ideas / remarks

Second meeting Athens, Greece, 15th and 17th of May 2019, Expertmeeting on the 16th of  May

The activities of the second meeting:

  • Presentation per partner of the results of the research and Spain will give an overall presentation.

  • Presentation on the educational & technical aspects of the EKFI-platform.

  • Presentation on the educational and technical aspects of the intake module.

  • Evaluation expert meeting day.

  • Barter module and other tasks in the project.


During the Expertmeeting:

  • Presentation of the EKFI project:  Frank den Hartog, Coordinator, STIVAKO, The Netherlands

  • Short presentation country study – mapping the user needs for the platform: Joan Creus, Fundació Privada Indústries Gràfiques - Escola Antoni Algueró, Catalonia-Spain

  • Presentation:  The Intake module: presentation on two aspects: educational by Evangelos Syrigos, HELGRAMED and technical by Gerasimos Vonitsanos, HOU. 

  • In the afternoon: discussion.



Kick-off meeting Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands, 3th and 4th of December 2018 


The activities:

  • Presentation and discussion scope project, outcomes, target group and   planning and activities

  • Workshop: knowledge levelling and defining scope on the Exchangeplatform and its modules

  • Workshop: knowledge levelling and defining the research in the participating     countries

  • Workshop: knowledge levelling and informing on dissemination and impact of the  EFKI-project

  • Project activities and administration.



First Technical Work Conference Barcelona Oktober 2018

At this work conference on the first of November in Barcelona, Spain, a selection of the participating partners prepared the Kick Off conference including the workshops. The kick off conference will take place in Schiphol-Rijk on the 3th and 4th of December.


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