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The project EKFI PLUS-project (Innovation through cooperation) has started! On this page you can follow the ongoing process and all the presentations are published here. Period 1: September 2022-May 2023.



Online Work Conference October 2022

The project started with an online Technical Work Conference on the 24st of October, to prepare the first meeting in Deventer, The Netherlands at the 12th and 13th of December 2022.

Kick off Conference Deventer

Period 1 (till June 2023): the two days of the Kick-Off Partner meeting were spent on workshops about the scope project, the educational model and the E-tools on the Exchange platform. Also the projectmanagement, communication and impact and administrative tasks were discussed.


In an earlier Eramus+ project The Thrive!-project, developments in five sectors of the communication and creative industries were examined. The results are then translated into entrepreneurial competences. For the report, click here.

Online meetings March-April-May 2023


WP 2: Educational Model (Draft 12.04.2023)

Survey in the partner countries

Survey for the need of new/advanced Learning Material in the wider field of the Creative and Cultural Industries - CCI

To participate, please click on the link: 








Introduction - the EKFIPLUS Project

This project aims to improve the development of new innovative learning materials for education and training. The project will extend the existing EKFI platform, (already containing more than 100 learning modules that have been uploaded in the wider field of CCI to be reached at The EKFIPLUS project will add features supporting authoring and development of mew/advanced learning material.

The main objective of “EKFI Innovation through cooperation“ project, is to bring together educators, lecturers and teachers from various European countries that will work jointly in developing and authoring the learning material at a European/International level. The extended platform will include innovative tools for enhancing and supporting the cooperation.


The survey

In order to define the most required topics and field of learning material for authoring and development a survey has been created. Teachers, experts and educators from the five countries participating at the project (NL, GR, ESP, BE and EST) are asked to answer the questionnaire.

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