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Fourth meeting EKFI-project in Deventer, The Netherlands (01-03-2020)

The EKFI-project has organized the fourth partner meeting in Deventer in the Netherlands on  the 20  and 21 of February.  The central issues of the partner meeting were:

  • Presentation and discussion on the proposal of the barter module,

  • Presentation of the demo of the EKFI-platform,

  • Presentation and discussion on the test with the meta-data that describes the learning material to make the intake module definite,

  • Copyright issues regarding future EU legislation,

  • Dissemination and impact.


The university staff of the Artevelde university gave presentations about the the proposal of the Barter system to be developed. Muldis, the system builder gave a demonstration of the working system. The design of the application is prepared by students of the Artevelde university. Staff of the HOU gathered the meta-data of the learning modules of the partners to test the intake module in the system. Adjustments will be made and implemented in the system.


EKFI presentation at St Lucas VET institute (15-02-2020)

Stivako is invited at the St Lucas institute to talk about the enterpreneurial education of their institute. We presented an introduction on the Thrive-project. The results of this Erasmus+ project are recently dilivere. The material is also the test material of the EKFI project. Besides the Thrive introduction we introduced also the EKFI project as a future exchange platform for learning material. The participating teachers were enthousiastic about this initiative.


Project leaflet published! (31-01-2020)

The project leaflet with information on the project is published. The leaflet was made to informe the stakeholders of the project (teachers and staff of VET and HE institutes, SME's and social partners). In the leaflet you can find information about: why this project, the outcomes, the research, Exchange platform overview, EGIN and the project partners. Click here to download the PDF.


A good New Year (01-01-2020)

The EKFI-partners wishes everybody a successful, healthy and pleasurable 2020!


Next Conference in Deventer (06-12-2019)

The next conference is planned at the 20th and 21 of February 2020 in the Netherlands. We are researching at the moment the legal aspects on the use of the database due to new European legeslation on the rights and obligations of the owner of the platform. The results of the research will be input on the development of the several parts in this project.


EFKI  visited in Ghent (04-12-2019)

Stivako, partner of the EKFI-project has visited, the European employers organisation of the hairdressers. The subject of the meeting was cocreation and the exchange of learning material. Miet Verhamme of is interested to participate in the project to upload learning material of the hair and beauty sector on the EKFI-platform.

Students assignment Artevelde: make the design of the platform


The students of the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghendt participated in a design challange to develop the design of the Exchange platform. They had to develop the final prototype of the styleguide of the platform. The shortlist contained three finalists.





















EKFI present at Dienstencentrum client-meeting (1-11-2019)

The EKFI-team was present at the meeting in Zwolle end of September 2019. At the meeting representatives of lager companies in the north of The Netherlands were informed on the EKFI-project and the knowledge-platform they can use after the project to get information on subjects of the creative industries.

Research started  (05-07-2019)

Within the framework of the European Erasmus+ funded project called "EKFI", a country study research is being conducted in the participating partner countries by the participating partners. Similarly by Stivako, on behalf of the Netherlands.


What is the EKFI project about?
EKFI stands for Exchange Knowledge for Future Innovation. It is a 3-year project that started in the autumn of 2018. One of the main objectives of the EKFI project ( is to design and build a digital (internet) platform on which teaching materials and research reports can be found for the printmedia sector. This can relate to topics such as communication, print and digital media or investigations about developments in the industry.

With the help of this questionnaire we want to collect relevant information about the need for specific (teaching) material about these topics and the current state of affairs.

Below the link to the research in Dutch:







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